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We have delivered succesful arts & education projects with many regional organisations including:
  • Arts Council England
  • Leeds Leisure Services & PAYP
  • Education Leeds/Artforms
  • Aim Higher (RACA)
  • LOCA & Childrens Fund Kirklees
  • Youth Dance England
  • Yorkshire Dance Centre
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance
  • York St Johns University
  • Dance United
  • Interplay Theatre Co
  • Space 2
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We develop integrated video projects: from discussing your objectives, through coordinating the filming, to Final Cut Pro editing and DVD or web delivery.
Our empowering programs engage with young (and older) people in a wide range of settings from schools and youth centres to community festivals. We facillitate hands-on creative workshops and skill-share with users so they can effectively edit their movies and create music soundtracks of their own.
Examples include site-specific dance-video shorts with young offenders, to a zombie movie in a high school, to a short film celebrating dance by adults with learning disabilities here
We also document arts festivals, workshops and performance events to produce monitoring & promotional DVDs for regional arts organisations.

We use professional equipment including hi-quality microphones, lighting, and high-definition video (HDV) including the new range of DSLR cameras to achieve thes elusive 'film' look.

We have up to date enhanced CRB status and public liability insurance via BECTU

Give us a call to chat about your project or email us here
See some examples below.

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Andy also delivers screen-dance workshops (creative and technical) and lectures about his work. He has worked with students at York St. John University, Chester University, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds Music College & Yorkshire Dance.

"As a result of your excellent efforts, RACA has provided many young people in our schools with some wonderful experiences of the performing and creative arts, the memories of which will stay with them for the rest of their lives."
Professor David Hoult - Chair, RACA steering group
"When working with Andy young poeple feel relaxed, are able to build their confidence and learn new skills."
Sarah Spanton - Expression Festival Project Manager, Space2
"The Hip Hop project has been truly inspiring and I am so pleased that Andy managed to effectively capture it on film."
Sofi Lundgren - Community and Learning Manager, Yorkshire Dance Centre
"Many thanks for leading the project with such enthusiasm, sensitivity. and rigour – an invaluable experience for all involved."
Elaine Harvey - Head of Dance Programme, York St John University
"Andy was a truly engaging and inspiring leader. He creates an energy in the room which young people can’t help but be drawn in by. As a result, a huge amount was achieved in a very short space of time."
Joanna Bedford - Education Officer, Opera North