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Photos: Francesca Ausenda©2008

Buenos Aires Social Club.  Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall (Feb 2008)

Group show with Tango related artworks exploring issues around intimacy and non verbal communication. Artists created work in a variety of media including drawing, video, performance, writing, sound, dance, music and photography.

Curated by Amanda Lorens as part of Transition (Curators' Edition) at Newlyn Art Gallery
Artists included Andy Wood, Biljana Lipic, John Keys and Dominic Thomas.

Andy showed films Gaze in a 'private booth' and the Unforgiven Minute on a small picture frame and made a short dance-film at the exhibition. Click on images above for Quicktime video clips



newlyn image 1
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Private booth, Newlyn Art Gallery
Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall
newlyn image 3
newlyn image 4
Gaze in a private booth
The Unforgiven Minute