Decreasing Infinity Balbir Singh Dance Company

Bradford, UK (2010)

Documentary about Balbir Singh Dance Co exploring the devising of their show Decreasing Infinity. It features fly on the wall footage of the process and candid interviews with the choreographer, dancers and live musicians about their expectations and the challenges of the project. Film commissioned by dep arts ltd

In this new duet for male dancers, Balbir Singh creates a literal fusion of two very different styles of movement: classical Kathak and western contemporary dance. Decreasing Infinity starts out with the two dancers divided from each other both spatially and stylistically, but the choreography gradually brings them together until they blend and blur so closely they can no longer be distinguished. This is Singh's first piece for an all-male cast, and his dancers, Ezekiel Oliveira and Sooraj Subramaniam, are accompanied by live music from tabla player Kousic Sen and beatbox virtuoso Jason Singh. (Judith Mackrell, The Guardian)


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click hereTabla: Kousic Sen

click hereHuman Beatbox: Jason Singh

Dancers: Sooraj Subramaniam & Ezekiel Oliveira

Screenings include:
InShadow 3rd International Festival of Video, Lisbon, Portugal (Dec 2011)
Project Arts Centre, Dublin, UK (May 2011)
Moves11 International Festival of Movement onscreen, Liverpool, UK (April 2011)
Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK (November 2010)
Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax, UK (October, 2010)
Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, UK (June 2010)
Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield, UK (June 2010)
Stage@Leeds, Leeds University, Leeds, UK (May 2010)