imove launch film

imove, Yorkshire, UK (2010)

Artistic response to Yorkshire's signature cultural programme to celebrate London 2012. Film commissioned by imove

This film is a collage of embodied experience: mostly expressive but some pedestrian, including some abstract images and unexpected combinations. Sound-bites from a range of individuals musing on their relationship with their body moving offer an intimate insight into their personal stories and a narrative that progresses from acceptance of the bodies limitations to the liberating and transformational possibilities of both physical movement and the 'movement of the mind’. Through the films journey a message unfolds: that indeed all movement, however ordinary, is actually quite extraordinary.


imove Launch Event - Sheffield, UK (March 2010)
BBC Big Screens - Various cities, UK (May 2010)
Village Screen 2010 - Glastonbury Festival, UK (June 2010)
Night of Extraordinary Moves - Lawrence Batley Theatre, UK (June 2011)