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It Takes Two
2007  5:06
Tango inspired screen-dance  short made with international cast in Hattingen, Germany.

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Three's A Crowd
2007  4:48
Another tango inspired short.
Shot in one continuous take,
the camera improvises within
the dance.

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The Unforgiving Minute
2007  6:08
Dance-film projection for live show.
Big Screen, Leeds;
PRP, London.

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Screen-dance short with lone Tango dancer. Screenings:
Videodanza 06, Buenos Aires;
CIFF07, Cyprus;
VideoDance2007, Athens.

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2006  11:43 (edit)
Video projection for Place Prize Final, London.

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East To East
2006   3:20
Dance-film short shot in NYC. One of the winning entries for the Place Prize competition.

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Deep Water
2005  2:58 (edit)

Dance animation for live show projection.

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Fresh Jive
2005  3:52 (edit)

Promo video for notorious underground breakdance club in Leeds.

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